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The Ability To Be Consistent Helps You Balance Life

September 27, 2022 Terri Kozlowski Season 1 Episode 113
Soul Solutions
The Ability To Be Consistent Helps You Balance Life
Show Notes

Episode 113: The Ability To Be Consistent Helps You Balance Life 

Show Description: The more consistent you are in taking the right action, the more successful you will be. Ten ways to be more consistent and balanced.

Top Takeaways: 

[2:31] Consistently Listen To Your Soulful Self

[4:12] How Being Consistent Leads To Balance

[5:19] Ways To Be More Consistent

1.      [5:23] Check in with yourself.

2.      [6:20] Assess your priorities daily. 

3.      [7:10] Pay attention to timing.

4.      [7:49] Consistently Evaluate your habits and routines.

5.      [8:40] Persistence when things go wrong.

6.      [9:19] Consistent forward momentum.

7.      [9:54] Be open to change.

8.      [10:54] Consistently check your mindset.

9.      [11:42] Be kind to yourself.

10.  [12:14] Get the support of your tribe.

[12:59] Consistently Moving Forward


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Ø  Harmonious with others 

Ø  Patterns of behavior 

Ø  Nurture yourself

Ø  Learn to listen

Ø  Your ego 

Ø  Your soulful self 

Ø  Discover your power 

Ø  Take deliberate action 

Ø  Make enormous changes

Ø  Forming good habits 

Ø  Align with Spirit

Ø  Be flexible 

Ø  Knowing these things about yourself 

Ø  Awareness 

Ø  Shows your resiliency 

Ø  Leaps forward


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