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Be Hopeful And Take A Leap Of Faith Every Day

August 30, 2022 Terri Kozlowski Season 1 Episode 109
Soul Solutions
Be Hopeful And Take A Leap Of Faith Every Day
Show Notes

Episode 109: Be Hopeful And Take A Leap Of Faith Every Day 

Show Description: When you take a leap of faith regularly, you enable yourself to get comfortable with discomfort, overcome fear, and live without regrets.

Top Takeaways: 

·        [2:11] A Leap of Faith Or A Bad Choice

·        [3:57] What Happens When You Leap?

  1. [4:58] Growth will occur. 
  2. [5:11] The discomfort is temporary. 
  3. [6:00] Leaping causes fearlessness. 
  4. [6:51] You discover your authenticity.
  5. [7:35] The realization you were always whole.
  6. [8:29] Leaping causes enthusiasm and newness to life.
  7. [9:07] Your intuition expands.
  8. [9:55] The discovery of freedom. 
  9. [10:42] Leaping causes success.
  10. [11:30] You live life without regrets.

·        [12:11] Leaping Forward


Episode Links: 


Ø  A leap of faith 

Ø  Generational patterns of behaviors

Ø  Fear of separation

Ø  Motivated 

Ø  Imaginative practice

Ø  Following your heart's desire 

Ø  Who you authentically are 

Ø  Your growth

Ø  Discomfort 

Ø  Be fearless

Ø  You can explore 

Ø  Your completeness

Ø  Enthusiastic

Ø  Use your intuition

Ø  Peace of mind 

Ø  Be in the flow 

Ø  Brings you joy


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