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How To Expand The Synergy In Your Life

August 23, 2022 Terri Kozlowski Season 1 Episode 108
Soul Solutions
How To Expand The Synergy In Your Life
Show Notes

Episode 108: How To Expand The Synergy In Your Life 

Show Description: When you combine synergy and unity, magic occurs in your life. It's finding our way together and is the highest activity we can undertake.

Top Takeaways: 

·         [2:40] The Best Example Of Synergy

·         [4:20] Synergy In The Work Place

·         [6:05] Your Life Is An Interrelated System

·         [7:56] Ways To Add Synergy To Your Life

·        [9:56] Moving Forward In Society


Episode Links:


Ø  Interconnected 

Ø  In magical ways

Ø  Awareness 

Ø  Helps to build 

Ø  Spontaneous 

Ø  Learning from one another

Ø  Lines of communication

Ø  Listen to comprehend

Ø  Different perspective 

Ø  Significant influence on each other

Ø  Everything is synchronistic

Ø  Be authentic

Ø  Be enthusiastic 

Ø  Bold action

Ø  In competition with everyone 

Ø  Less conflict

Ø  There is a ripple effect

Ø  To have peace

Ø  Through the differences 

Ø  Get in touch with me 


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